I was born and raised in beautiful St. John's, Newfoundland. I've always enjoyed creativity and living here makes finding inspiration easy. Not so long ago I was discovering my outlet through marketing. I was working with a local magazine, fresh out of College and all set to start a new adventure in the advertising world. When I was really getting into the swing of things, a position of photographer came up. I decided, why not? I discovered very quickly that I had a strong inclination toward the craft.  Documenting life, sharing perspective, telling stories. I felt like I had found my calling. Over the next few years I had the opportunity to work with many inspiring people, including my mentor, Apryl Stead of White Willow Photography. Through her guidance and the constant support of family and friends, I've had the opportunity to build Sage Photography Inc. into a career, not just a passion. Now my days are filled with family portraits, wedding photography, portrait photography and boudoir photography sessions in St. Johns's Newfoundland

My Short Biography

 My biggest supporter is my Son. He wakes up every day with bright eyes ready to see the beauty and adventure each day has to offer, and that opens my mind and heart to appreciate 

                   all the beautiful things in life.​​

The photographer I intend to be is one who is connected. The images I capture should offer a unique perspective, have a lasting impression and evoke emotion. I strive to be an artist who grows and learns. I will continue to try new things. Be brave. be adventurous and be real! While always keeping in mind that life is beautiful.